One day turnaround available
The Optimized process means the highest quality results.
We use System 3R set-up tooling not only because it's the most widely used tooling in the industry, but because it is the finest available, allowing minimized set-up times, higher accuracy, and peak efficiency.
Some jobs, such as stamping dies or production runs, are cut unattended utilizing the automatic wire threader during lights out operation.
Since there is no cutting tool pressure as there is with conventional machining, flat parts can be cut many at a time from stacked material, in their hardened state if required, trimming costs significantly and also ensuring identical measurements.
Parts that require a narrow kerf or small corner radii can be made using wire as small as .004" diameter. This is many times where the EDM process shines and any other manufacturing method is impossible.
We deliver parts with a one day turnaround on a regular basis.