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Choose Optimized EDM Machining Services in Santa Clara, CA

Optimized EDM Machining Services in Santa Clara, CA
  • Custom Surgical Equipment
  • Flexures
  • High-Tech Tooling
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Splines & Gears
  • Stamping Dies
  • Injection Molding Components
  • Semiconductor Tooling

Limitless Potential

Discover the benefits of Wire EDM for precision manufacturing of instrumental components.  Our state-of-the-art machining services in Santa Clara, CA, process very small or complex machine parts that would be difficult to complete using standard cutting tools. With Wire EDM, we can manufacture delicate parts that traditional cutting techniques would break or damage. There is no physical contact between your product and the EDM wire erosion, which allows for cleaner, more precise cuts, smoother finishes, and fewer flaws in the finished product. Wire EDM services also allow for very fine or precisely tapered holes to be cut. It's an excellent choice for:   

Many applications for Wire EDM manufacturing already exist, but many more are waiting to be discovered. As new technologies emerge, Wire EDM applications will continue to grow and diversify at an accelerated rate through a combination of necessity and imagination. As newer and more exotic materials are developed, conventional machining operations will begin to run up against their limits. In manufacturing, there will always be a necessity to "find a better way" to make something. Wire EDM has a great deal to offer in this regard.

Imagination will fuel the process by providing the ability to design tools and parts that previously weren't possible or cost-effective. The prospect of machining complex shapes in hardened or exotic materials to burr-free, split-tenth accuracies will continue to attract engineers and designers who are seeking an alternative solution to traditional methods.