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Wire EDM Applications in Santa Clara, CA  

Wire EDM is a precise manufacturing technique that is becoming increasingly popular. At Optimized EDM, we have honed the process of wire EDM applications in Santa Clara, CA. We use the finest set-up tooling available, for the most precise parts, to deliver high-quality results. One-day turnaround is available, and we offer lights-out operation using automatic wire threaders for longer production runs.

Cutting with Electricity

The beauty of precision wire electrical discharge machining is that it uses electricity in the form of sparks to cut and shape the items from the raw material. Electrically-charged wire, as thin as a human hair, acts as an electrode to create a spark, which vaporizes the material at the point of spark contact to produce the pieces from machined parts or raw material. A constant gap and a continuous supply of fresh wire ensure that every piece is created identically with no wavering throughout a range of tolerances.

Our process removes material as small as a few ten-thousandths of an inch, and the machines themselves are precise and reliable enough to be left running unattended for overnight. Since the pieces created in this type of parts manufacturing are not being pinched, cut, or ground by mechanical means, there are no rough or uneven surfaces or edges. 

Made with Wire EDM applications in Santa Clara, CA

No Pressure

Since there is no cutting pressure, the Wire EDM process can be used to cut multiple flat parts at a time from stacked materials in their hardened state. This cuts costs significantly and ensures identical measurements. Furthermore, high-tech components that require a narrow kerf or small corner radii can be made using wire as small as 0.004" in diameter.    

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