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A Range of Services for Custom Machining in Santa Clara, CA   

You can meet your company’s demand for complex parts made to the highest specifications by choosing to work with our team at Optimized EDM. We use electrical discharge manufacturing to create intricate and delicate components that will satisfy your needs for custom machining in Santa Clara, CA.With our services, we can create a wide range of items, such as:

Medical and Surgical Instruments

Surgery and medical treatments call for finely crafted tools because there is no room for error when treating a patient. We produce medical instruments that meet the exacting standards of the medical industry.

High-Tech Components

As modern machinery and computerized equipment increases in capabilities, it seems to decrease in size. That calls for the finely shaped pieces that we manufacture.

Aerospace Parts  

The aviation industry demands components and parts that are flawless and able to withstand the extremes in conditions that are encountered during flight. We create pieces that can meet industry and transport regulatory standards.

Industrial Machining

   If your company requires a large number of components made to the same microscopic tolerances, we can handle that workload for you. Thanks to our production process, we can easily replicate any number of pieces for consistency and the highest quality.  

Stamping Dies and Punches

We can easily work with a broad range of materials so that we can create dies and punches from some of the hardest metals available.

Injection Mold Components 

When your business is focused on injection molding, you need components and pieces for your molds that are going to be created to the highest standards. We will machine the parts you need so that your molds produce excellent pieces for your customers.